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n.One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner; one sent ahead to arrange lodgings

We are stepping
forth to be the
harbinger of real
estate dreams
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Harbinger Enterprises...A Real Estate Investment Group
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Our EZbuyEZsellAhome program offers you an opportunity to become part of our Lease to Own Purchase Program (also called a "Lease Option"), and is quite simple. A Lease Agreement and Option to Purchase Agreement is signed between you and Harbinger Enterprises. You pay a modest down payment that is applied to the purchase price of the home. The lease period is typically 1 - 2 years.

You pay a monthly rent, with a portion credited back to you towards the purchase price of the home if all of your payments are on time (without ANY late ones). During, or at the end of the lease period, you have the exclusive right (option) to purchase the home under the terms to which both parties have previously agreed. You don't have to qualify for a mortgage from the bank (or Harbinger Enterprises) until the end of the lease period because Harbinger Enterprises holds the mortgage on the home.

Your ability to qualify for a conventional mortgage at the end of the term is strengthened by:

  • The amount of funds you have accumulated (down-payment plus monthly credits)
  • Possible increased appreciation of the home
  • Any improvements made to the home increases overall value
  • Your track record of making monthly payments on time
  • Path initiated through corrective measures for improving your credit rating prior to purchase (us working with you and our mortgage broker)
  • Banks' consideration of the Lease to Own purchase transaction, treating it like a re-finance rather than a new mortgage application. Big difference!

One important aspect to understand about the rental amount during the time of holding "an 'option' to purchase" is that the rent is generally several hundred dollars higher than a straight lease agreement. WHY? It is important for the bank, when you later go to secure a conventional loan (or if Harbinger Enterprises finances your loan when you exercise your option) that you have shown at least a year’s capability of making a payment that is close to a standard mortgage payment. This allows us to help you exhibit your credibility and “loanability" to the bank (or Harbinger Enterprises), making it feasible for you to receive a 30 year loan.

Get started by completing the form located at our website, TheDeal4U.com and complete and submit the Lease/Purchase Form. We feel privileged to help you fulfill your dream of owning a home. We have TheDeal4U!


What kind of people do you work with?
We work with people who are: serious about wanting to buy and own a house, who take pride in ownership, are good neighbors, who have a reliable job and income, financially responsible, and have a good tenant history. Having decent credit is preferred but not required. In fact, our motto is "No Credit, No Problem." Just prove that you are capable NOW of having the option money and are capable of making the monthly payments. We don't penalize you for your past history. We look at every individual and/or family on a case-by-case basis.

What qualifications do you look for?
The two most important qualifications are: whether you are currently employed at a job in good standing and have a good tenant history. We understand that you may have experienced foreclosure, repossessions, bankruptcy, overdue medical bills, or other credit challenges in your past. We not only understand those challenges but we also believe in giving people second chances. If you have the necessary up front money and are gainfully employed with a good tenant history, you will be a strong candidate for our EZbuyEZsellAhome program. We invite you go to our website, TheDeal4U.com and complete and submit the Lease/Purchase Form. We will then contact you.

Will you accept a deposit to hold a house for a month or more?
No, we will not accept any deposits to hold a house. It is not fair to someone who may be qualified, has all the funds, and ready to move in. We continue to market the houses to the public until the applicant pays and signs our contracts.

Can I pay early?
Yes. We encourage you to repay as much as you can as quickly as possible. TheDeal4U.com has a DealPlus Incentive Program. It matches monthly contributions that are in excess of the monthly payment amount.

How do I get started?
Once we have received the Lease/Purchase Form, we will call you after our review process and discuss the type and location of the home which matches for you. We are constantly purchasing new properties and your requirements may fit a home we currently have listed. Alternatively, we search and find the home you are seeking. Also, at this time we will have you complete a formal application with required supporting documents.

What paperwork will I be required to submit?
You will be required to completely fill out our application and submit photocopies of your Drivers License, proof of income (check stubs, bank statements, income tax form, etc) and credit bureau report, although a poor credit report does not disqualify you; however, we need to assess where you are now so that we can help you in the future.

What other rules & regulations must I follow?
In general, we have a NO PETS policy. We will, however, evaluate on a case-by-case basis (only with dogs, no cats). Should your pet be approved, we charge an additional $500 for people who have pets and $100 per pet thereafter. This is a one-time charge. People who do not report pets will jeopardize their purchase agreements with us. We have a limit of 3 vehicles for most properties and they are not allowed to be parked on the yard. Our properties are not meant to be used for vehicle storage facilities or a used car location. Vehicles on yards damage the curb appeal and lowers the value of the property consequently your ability to refinance the home. You must maintain the yard adequately. Ill-maintained yards lead to pest infestations, rodents, lowered property value, and angry neighbors. You must do your part to uphold community standards. Remember, the opportunity it for YOU to own this home through our Lease to Own Purchase Program. Begin TODAY to act like a homeowner.

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