har - bin - ger

n.One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner; one sent ahead to arrange lodgings

We are stepping
forth to be the
harbinger of real
estate dreams
...yours & ours.

Harbinger Enterprises...A Real Estate Investment Group
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INVESTORS...We have The Deal 4 U!

Check out this innovative software that uses a feature called MyCap™ to evaluate/analyze the financial data on residential real estate investment property.
The MyCap™ feature computes a suggested purchase price based on users investment objectives. A great tool for establishing your final negotiating price. No guess work!

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The Evaluyzer will transform the way you look at investment property!

Evaluyzer is designed to simplify and streamline the property financial analysis process whether you are a new or seasoned investor!

  • Make accurate, sound, instant financial projections!
  • Calculate your return on investment, and how you can achieve in minutes!
  • Substantially increase your potential for higher returns!
  • Save hours working out the numbers and combinations,
    freeing up your time to search for those great properties!
  • Calculate the maximum purchase/offer price while meeting YOUR investment goals! (Exclusive MyCap™ feature)
  • Plan a realistic 1-5 year real estate investment strategy with complete confidence!

The real question is not how much you, or another investor, or even an appraiser, value a property at - nor is it the value from a cap rate estimated in the market. It's the value at which you can obtain your investment goals, that is reflective of your cash investment and your borrowing power.

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The Evaluyzer will transform the way you look at investment property!

What is it worth to you?

While most novice investors purchase properties based on limited calculations, emotions, tips, etc. professional investors shop with specific investment objectives, and know exactly which opportunities satisfy their desired cash flow and return on investment goals. Using Evaluyzer's exclusive McCap™ feature, you can determine the maximum property purchase price that meets your needs based on the economics of your situation -- not the seller's current position. McCap™ will give you the edge over real estate agents and other investors. You'll know exactly what number to negotiate to. Not a low, high arrive in the middle purchase price some call negotiating.

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The Evaluyzer will transform the way you look at investment property!

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Pay off Your Mortgage & Debts in as little as 1/3 to 1/2 the time!

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The answer to this question can make or break your success. If your number is 10 or higher, you're probably already successful and don't need our help. But if your number is less than 10, even less than 5, we really can help you. We'll show you a simple and effective way to have 10, 20, even 30 highly qualified prospects calling you each day about your business. Click below to find out how.


Voice Broadcasting

More Prospects for Less Money

In today's economy, more and more people have lost their jobs, or will in the future.
Be proactive and negate the fear. Look at and assess business opportunities right now. Refuse to feel at the mercy of your job or someone else. Make a decision today to have options for your future and commit to creating Financial Freedom!


Business Opportunity

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