har - bin - ger

n.One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner; one sent ahead to arrange lodgings

We are stepping
forth to be the
harbinger of real
estate dreams
...yours & ours.

Harbinger Enterprises...A Real Estate Investment Group
AnswersWe Have The Deal 4 UProperties

Need to sell fast?
We help those who have real estate problems.  That's why we are your "creative solution" real estate specialists. Do you have a property that is more trouble than its worth? Do you owe more than the amount of your home appraisal? We have resources to solve a wide variety of problems If you need to sell fast, please call us at 360-305-0909 or fill out our SELLER'S FORM.

Looking for a new house?
Our inventory of homes is constantly changing. If we don't have what you need today, we may have it tomorrow. Just let us know your needs, and we will find The Deal 4 U!  We can offer you seller financing, negotiating terms that work for your situation. Contact us and describe what you want. Check out our current property listings.

Looking to lease with an option to buy?
No credit? No problem. We have The Deal 4 U with homes in our inventory just waiting to become your opportunity. Lease options are good when you have difficult circumstances that don't allow you to qualify for a conventional loan. Rather than 10-20% for a down payment, the money necessary for purchasing the “option” to buy the property is 3-5%. Call us at 360-305-0909 if you are interested, or FILL OUT OUR LEASE OPTION FORM.

Looking for a deal?
Rehabbing properties is a great way to improve your community, and keep property values up. If you are interested in purchasing a property that you can fix up for a great price, contact us and specify what you are looking for.

Abandoned Property devaluing your neighborhood?
Is an abandoned property creating a blight on your neighborhood? Please call us at 360-305-0909.  Don't allow your property value to go down because of an eyesore in your neighborhood. Be a good neighbor and give us a call! We'll handle the situation for you and contribute to your neighborhood by keeping the value of property up. Please call us at 360-305-0909 or contact us, giving us the address of the property. We promise to follow up on any lead.

Looking to invest in real estate?
We are real estate investors who buy and sell properties.  We are not real estate agents, so we are not looking to list your property. We welcome the opportunity to work with other investors.  Remember, we are a team, creating win/win scenarios. We have various and diverse projects from motel rehabs to mobile home parks to storage unit opportunities all the time. If you are interested in partnering on one of these investments, call us at 360-305-0909 or contact us.

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We appreciate your interest! Choose a great day!
Dotti Berry & Robynne Sapp

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