har - bin - ger

n.One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner; one sent ahead to arrange lodgings

We are stepping
forth to be the
harbinger of real
estate dreams
...yours & ours.

Harbinger Enterprises...A Real Estate Investment Group
AnswersWe Have The Deal 4 UProperties

Have you ever seen or listed homes that you think are "lemons?"

You may not be interested in them, but we are! We enjoy making lemonade out of your lemons!. Other situations...

  • Your client needs to SELL FAST! We have cash for those situations, and can help make you look good (which at the very least causes them to tell others about you because you helped solve their problem).
  • You are approached about listing a home in which you have no interest because of condition or location. WE ARE!
  • Your potential client doesn’t have enough equity to pay you a commission. They feel stuck. Help them out of that box by contacting us!
  • The owners have a lien against their home, are behind in their payments, or facing foreclosure? We have creative solutions!

When do we need YOU?

After purchasing a home, there are also times when we use a realtor to list that home... make a call to us and make sure that person is YOU! Let’s create a win/win relationship!
Robynne Sapp & Dotti Berry
Your "creative solution" real estate specialists

Click here to contact us,
or call us at 360-305-0808 (Roby)
or 360-305-0909 (Dotti).

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